Chai Energy

Understand your power.

Do you know where you’re wasting energy? Chai does.
The Chai Energy mobile app shows you exactly where you
are wasting energy and money in your own home.

The perfect fit.

You hate wasting money. Chai hates wasting energy.
We’re perfect for each other.

Tap. Save.
That’s it.

It’s simple to set up and
even simpler to use.

Wasting energy
is so 2014!

Chai can help you fix that.

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We hate wasting energy as much as you hate wasting money.

Chai will tell you exactly how and where you’re spending your hard-earned energy dollars in your home and can help identify big savings opportunities on your next electric bill. Do you know how much electricity you’re using, how much it’s costing you in real time and how much your next bill will be? Chai does. Chai can even notify you when you have accidentally left appliances on, keeping you safe and saving you even more.

Know your home. Know your power.

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Meet your utility watchdog.

The Chai Gateway plugs into your Internet connection and connects wirelessly to your home's smart meter, and immediately begins to measure how much electricity your appliances and electronics are using. Chai then relays the information to your phone through an app, breaks the information down by each device you've plugged in and turned on, and starts calculating your energy usage and savings in real-time.

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Chai Energy Features

Chai has features unlike any other energy-saving app of its kind. It can tell you when you’ve left the stove, curling iron or coffee pot on, and it can detect a power outage or spike in usage, alerting you to potential problems.

Chai Energy Real-time Energy Monitoring

Real-time Energy Monitoring

Chai keeps you up to date on energy usage in your home.

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Chai Energy Appliance Tagging


Chai helps you find the energy hogs in your home and suggests energy efficient solutions.

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Chai Energy Bill Breakdown

Bill Breakdown

Understand your bill so you can see the savings with Chai.

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Chai Energy Notifications


The Chai app alerts you to opportunities for energy savings and lets you know what is going on in your home while you’re away.

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Chai Energy Analysis

Energy Analysis

Set up Chai and find out where your home is least energy efficient.

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Chai Energy Easy Setup

Easy Setup

Get started in less time than it takes to make a cup of tea.

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See what people are saying about Chai.

“I cut my power bills down so much with my Chai that adding a solar photovoltaic system didn't make financial sense.”

“Most people are apathetic about energy conservation until they think they can save REAL money. Chai helped me understand where we I was wasting energy and money. Thanks Chai!”

“Chai makes our utility electric bill more accessible and provides us with helpful energy saving suggestions which helps us save money.”

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