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FEATURES Why do I need Chai Energy?

Chai Energy is an app that helps you save energy and money. Chai Energy collects energy data directly from your utility and creates energy saving tips and recommendations just for you. Chai tells you how much electricity you are using, how much your electricity will cost you, and gives you customized conservation and efficiency tips.  It can even tell you if solar energy is an option for you.

Chai Energy Real-time Energy Monitoring

Energy Monitoring

Tracks customers energy habits and notifies them when and where they can save money as well as when something is wrong.

Chai Energy Solar Eligibility

Solar Eligibility

Analyzes customers' energy use and local weather to determine if solar is a cost-effective option for their household.

Chai Energy Savings


Tracks how big of an impact customer's energy savings efforts are making in dollars, watts, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Chai Energy Notifications


Alerts customers to opportunities for energy savings and lets them know what is going on in their homes while they are away.

Chai Energy Analysis

Pricing Structure Analysis

Evaluates customer's energy use, and tells them if time-of-use pricing or on-and-off-peak pricing would reduce their monthly bills.

Chai Energy Bill Breakdown

Predicted Bill Breakdown

Uses customers' energy data to estimate the cost of their upcoming bill.

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How We Collect Data

Chai Energy uses Green Button Data. Green Button Data is a secure, industry standard for collecting the energy usage information that is stored by your utility.

Smart Meter

Your utility smart meter measures the electricity usage at home (in 1 hour intervals) and sends data back to your utility.

Green Button Data

Within 24 hours, your previous day's energy usage is made available for the customer.

Chai Energy App

Chai Energy uses powerful analytics to process your Green Button Data in real time for you. The app delivers energy saving tips and recommendations straight to your smartphone such as: estimated energy use and rate, appliance efficiency upgrades, rebates and incentives, and eligibility for solar energy.

Meet your utility watchdog.

Upgrade from Chai Energy to Chai Energy Pro to receive the Chai Energy gateway, a small internet-enabled device that collects even more accurate real-time utility data from your smart meter!

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